Thursday, November 03, 2005

My work here is done...

Just like the good Lord after the flood, I offer you this rainbow as proof that we will never again have to suffer through a Red SAWX championship

We did it. We put our minds to it. Gave it our best effort and we goddamned did it. I created and updated the blog. You read it and, together, we focused our hatred and reduced a championship baseball team to a pile of rubble. Hats off to us!

When this blog was founded during spring training of the 2005 season (only 9 months ago!), the Boston Red SAWX were on top of the world. They were World Series champions, had (in their opinion) improved their team for 2005, had an honest-to-God (in their opinion) genius for a G.M. and a caring and committed ownership team. All this good fortune caused the folks in Boston to climb upon their high horse and announce, "The Yankees AH dead! Long live the Red SAWX!".

Based on the outcome of 2004, SAWX fans now referred to the Yankees as the 'Chokees'. They talked about the Bronx Bombers becoming 'irrelevant'. Old. Overpaid. Underperforming. And then they said something that really caught my attention - 'The Yankees don't matter anymore. The Dawn of the Red SAWX era has begun and the sun has set on the mighty Yankee empire'.

As I traveled through cyberspace and the blog-o-sphere and encountered such nonsense one word kept occurring to me over and over again - Hubris. Like characters in a Greek tragedy, the members of Red SAWX Nation were setting themselves up for a fall. This fall would come not because they had risen so high, but rather because they sought to push the rival Yankees so low. It was not enough for them to revel in happiness over their win. Somewhere deep in their black little hearts they wanted - needed - to stick it to the Yankees and Yankee fans. They were unable to simply acknowledge Yankee fans as we tipped our caps and offered our congratulations, which we did. They couldn't accept our well-wishes. They didn't enter the Hall of Champions gracefully. Rather, SAWX fans took this opportunity to hang the tag of 'Biggest Choke-AHS EVAH!' on the New York Yankees. Some went as far as to say 'The Yankee loss in 2004 wipes away all the glory of 26 World Championships'. Hubris.

And so I decided to do something about it. I set up this blog. Invited you all in. Acknowledged the fact that, while the 2004 ALCS loss was brutal, it was also liberating. Allowed me, as a Yankee fan, to stand with the others and throw rocks at the newly crowned champs. And throw them I did. We did. We focused our energy through this blog and brought down the once-mighty Red SAWX. Take a bow everybody.

Surely there have been some highlights along the way:

- The varitek interview (March)
- The Queer Eye appearance (march)
- The Johnny Damon interview (April)
- Jimmy Fallon's deal with the devil (April)
- The BigBri interview (May)
- Curt Schilling's 'bobble ankle' (May)
- The SAWX fan with his pants down (July)
- The utter collapse of the SAWX (August/September)

When you consider the fact that the collapse of the SAWX is something we predicted here right from the beginning, it is all the more sweet.

There have been lowlights as well. I engaged in far too many 'comment wars' with the idiots who inhabit 'The Nation'. And my off-topic rant about traffic, while very funny, is not something I'm particularly proud of.

In the end the SAWX just couldn't suffer the slings and arrows launched from this blog. I knew that if we pulled together and focused our hatred to a fine pinpoint of venom we could aim it like a laser and bring the SAWX and Red SAWX Nation to their knees. And we have. To Wit:

- The team folded like a cheap suit in September as the Mighty Yankees kicked them out of first place in the AL East.

- They were swept out of the ALDS in three games straight and, wonder of all wonders, the final loss came in Fenway where the 'Nation' was forced to watch their once-great team complete their utter collapse.

- Schilling will never be a #1 starter again

- Manny is on his way out of town

- David 'Fatboy' Wells wants out

- Johnny Damon wants out

- And finally, Theo the 'Boy Wonder' Epstein has left the team. This is most significant because it signals the true end for the 'one and done' 2004 Red SAWX. Maybe one championship in 86 years is what passes for a dynasty in Bean Town these days?

And so my work is done. While this past baseball season has been particularly enjoyable, I must close the books on the 'Red Sox Nation Haters' blog. Like I said, I enjoyed it. Enjoyed it immensely. But all the hating does take its toll after awhile. While I was happy to shoulder the 'burden of hate' when called upon, the fact is it is simply not necessary anymore. The Red SAWX are no longer relevant. One and done. Paper champs. Not worth the trouble. And I encourage you all to follow my lead. Turn your backs on Boston. Raise your chin up and look toward the Bronx. Our rosy future. Wang and Cano. Cashman re-signed (as opposed to THEO who is resigned). 2 more years of Torre. Rejoice! But hate no longer. It's simply not necessary...


At 5:53 PM, Blogger theeeeeeeeyankeeswin said...

Truly sad. The contraditions are pathetic, bri. In reality, you quit. Gave up. And decided it was easier to crawl back under your rock in MN. Much like the Yankees quit in 2004.

More to the point, you are the one that is irrelevant. You had a following there for while -- you provoked the nation and they struck back. But then like a coward, you disabled comments on your board.

The inconsistencies in everything you say are laughable. But I guess they should not surprise anyone. You are a very insecure man. What happened did mommy not breast feed you as a youth.

You say: "They were unable to simply acknowledge Yankee fans as we tipped our caps and offered our congratulations, which we did. They couldn't accept our well-wishes."

Are you serious? You cried your little baby ass off for the winter of 2004-2005.

And now you say the hating will stop. It never will stop with you. Hate is a family value for you. You probably have a picture of George Bush on your wall - perhaps even one of him in Yankee Stadium throwing out the pitch in the last series the Yanks won, oh no wait, that was the year the Dynasty died.

Oh well, I don't want to take up too much of your time. You probably have to go teach your kids to hate gays and maybe even other children that look different than them.

At 12:41 AM, Blogger Cutter said...

did you get the news on Damon?
ugh. i can't believe they are going to sign him.
i don't want the caveman in pinstripes.

bad signing.
oh well. lets see what happens.

At 11:26 PM, Blogger Hernan "The Patriot" Gomez said...

I hate the New York Yankees. Bunch of over-achieving pampered whiners.


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