Wednesday, August 31, 2005

What the Fu..........???

Mark Bellhorn???

This is gettin' to be re-GODDAMNED-diculous! Yesterday the Yankees picked up Mark Bellhorn from the scrap heap that makes up Red SAWX World Champions. Including Alan Embree that means the Yanks now employee 2/25ths of the 2004 SAWx squad. Well, employ is a strong word. The SAWX are PAYIN' 'em, we're just PLAYIN' 'em ;-).

But still, I don't like to look in the dugout or the bullpen and see these guys hanging around. It's not right. I know we need pitching, but Embree? Ferchrissakes I'll drive down to the Stadium, and pitch myself if you need an arm THAT bad. I'm right-handed and I still throw harder with my left arm than Embree does.

And Bellhorn. That humorless prick. When it comes to attitude, he's the Russell Crowe of baseball. I know he sucks and he couldn't hit water even if he fell out of a BOAT, but would it kill this guy to smile once in a while? I mean, he DOES get paid to play baseball.

How many more SAWX are going to sneak across the border before we have a real problem on our hands? Do we need armed guards partroling the outfield fences? Will Johnny Damon run to the Yankee clubhouse the next time the SAWX are in town and scream, "Johnny Damon demand amnesty for Johnny Damon! Johnny Damon political refugee! Johnny Damon say, me need refuge in house built by Ruth!"

Take it easy Johnny. That's what the off-season is for...


At 9:43 AM, Blogger ProdGod said...

Um, Big Bri, haven't heard from you in a while so I thought I'd check in.
Did you happen to see the games last night?
You know, the one where the big dominican guy wearing a Red Sox uniform hit a towering homerun to deliver another walk-off victory for the defending World Champions?
Or maybe the one where the little Panamanian guy who's known as the best reliever ever blew the game thanks to an error by their highly-touted rookie at second base. You know, the game that made the Yankees 4-10 against a team that they outspend by almost $200 million in payroll.
Funny, that'd be four games up now and there's been naught but silence from you since last week.
Anyway, just thought I'd check in.
Have a blessed day.
Your pal,

At 9:02 PM, Blogger The Dog said...

Hey BigBri. Its "The Dog" again. I would just like to wonder what is up Tonys ass?? Just because the Yankees out-class the SAWX by over 2 million dollars it doesn't give this cock spanker the right to make fun of them. And i cant wait until the Poast Season when the Red Sox Choke in the final Series against the yankees which knocks the Redsox out of the Post Season.
Have a good one Bigbri


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